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    示波器探頭 P2200




    SKU: asc001-P6100-1 分類:


    2x P6200 probes

    Model P2200
    Attenuation 1X / 10X
    Bandwidth 1X:DC-6MHz ?/ 10X:?DC-200MHz
    Rise time 1.75ns
    Input resistance 1MΩ / 10MΩ?±1%
    Input capacitance 1X:70pF~120pF / 10X:13pF~17pF
    Compensation scope 10pF~35pF
    Input voltage 1X:<200VDC?+?AC?Vp-p / 10X:<600VDC+?AC?Vp-p
    Operating Temperature 0°C~+50°C
    Non-Operating Temperature -20°C~+60°C
    Technology Integration of injection molding
    Color Black
    Weight about 55g
    Cable length 110±2cm
    Humidity ≤80%(Relative humidity)
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